Sample RobotC Graphical programs?

Is there a source of pre-written RobotC Graphical programs available from which I can learn and therefor teach to my Civil Air Patrol Cadets?
Specifically, (for now) I am looking for guidance to get ClawBot to smoothly follow a line. The curriculum downloads that I find appear incomplete and not entirely helpful. Is there a source that I am overlooking?


Kim Nicholas

To smoothly follow a line is actually pretty difficult, easpecially in the graphical version of ROBOTC. But if you go to file --> sample programs you’ll find plenty of examples including a very basic line tracking program.

As mentioned, making it smooth is hard. Here is what I would do, depending on line width and on how sharp the tape line can turn (assuming no tight turns here, no T’s, etc.):

3 sensors

If the central one and a side one are both on the line, veer more slightly.
if only the central one is on the line, go forward.
If only a side one is on the line, veer harder.

Ultimately, much of the problem relates to how sharp a turn the line could take. If it can turn sharply, then the robot has to make quick, little adjustments, which will make the follow less smooth.