San Ramon Vex competition 12-12-09

Hello, I was just wondering who would be attending the competition that Saturday. Seems to be one of the last competitions in this part of California.
I’m also looking for some contact information of people in charge of the event, as it seems to be closed on Hoping to sneak in there somehow, if not to compete then to at least work on some programming since we don’t have our own field.


The event shows full on RobotEvents. Have you tried calling California High and asking for the robotics program? Sometimes the old technologies (phone) can work better than all this newfangled computer stuff.

As you’ve noticed, there is no contact information for the event organizer on RobotEvents, but the school’s Website is here: Good luck!

Hey Andrew, I’ve PM’ed you the contact information for John Korzick, who’s running the competition there.

And we’re sending 254A, C, and E…hoping to sneak in B and Z as well. Independence High is trying to send two teams as well, so it definitely looks like this competition is booked out.

Yea we are trying to get 1000b in too.

Teams 9378 A B D G are participating in the competition.

With all the teams posting that they weren’t able to get into this event, it looks like someone needs to host another tournament in this area.

That would be so helpful. There is an event in Feb. and thats all the events for the Bay Area and San Joaquin Valley Area that i know of.