Sarrus Linkage Viability

I’ve been brainstorming various linear linkages and mechanisms, and I have come to think that a sarrus linkage of some form may be viable for ITZ. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience regarding sarrus linkages?

What are you planning on using it for? I don’t really see a use for it personally.

It could work, but it would be a very complex mechanism.

This kind of lift could potentially be very good. It can store a lot of hight in a rather small amount of space. It would be complex, just like what Avery Hoffmann said. Also, this lift could be very unstable and not the most structurally sound. Though it might just work.

Here’s a video on how I would do this lift. “Sarrus linkage 3” I would put the motors on the gears that you see and on the bottom where the ‘legs’ of the lift start instead of that piston.

Has someone already try this? Not a fully functional one, but at least a prototype?

Honestly, this just reminds me of a less stable and a bulkier version of a DR4B.
But I’m sure it’s possible if you really wanted to try and make it.
If you are going to try, good luck and I hope to see this in a top level match.

The only thing this could offer is storing a lot of height in a small amount of space. A dr4b (for my robot) has the arms go across the entire robot, basically taking up a lot of space (did I explain that correctly). This lift could store the same amount of height of the dr4b in a smaller amount of space. What’s the cost, however? Probably the structural strength. I hope somebody does this because it sounds like a good idea that hasn’t already been done yet.

I’m not familiar with sarrus linkages, but from the video, wouldn’t that basically be the same thing as a scissor lift?

Nope, here’s a simpler version:

If you rotated one of the lifting arms 90 degrees about the vertical center of the lift, you’d more or less have a scissor, right?

I see it more like a dr4b, but with the lifting arms perpendicularly to each other.

I’m not really seeing what you’re saying. It looks more like a DR4B (or did someone say, Danny lift?!?) to me than a scissor lift. Regardless, neither comparison is very good.

That makes sense. I was thinking that if you moved one arm to be parallel to the other, you’d have a scissor, but no, the two sides wouldn’t be connected.