Saving a text file

When we save a VEXcode text file it saves it in a folder with 3 or 4 sub folders inside it and then we can’t open it.

What do you mean you can’t open it? You can’t open the folders?
It has to be in a folder because there are hidden files needed to run the program. To open it in vexcode you just have to open the file with the project name (it’s not in a sub folder)

Here is what I mean, Why does it save it like this? and when you want to open the file how do you do it? When I select the .v5code file it says that it is missing folders.


As I mentioned, vexcode projects consist of many files that must be saved all together. To open it, (as your pc isn’t choosing vexcode by default) open vexcode and select ‘open’, which is under ‘files’. Then find and select the .v5code file

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