Saving Vision Sensor Signature

Hi everyone,

We are using PROS and I have tried to set a signature to the Vision Sensor using the V5 Vision Utility. For some reason, however, it doesn’t remember the signatures that we set. The vision sensor is plugged into the brain, and to the computer. After I set the signature, I test to make sure it can detect the object and it works. Now, how do I save this?

Make sure you unfreeze the picture before closing V5 Vision Utility.

I did that. That’s how I saw that it is able to detect the flags. I showed it flags on the field and it worked.

We’ve had to do it 2 or 3 times to get colors to save sometimes.

We’ve had trouble, too. I wish there were a “save” button or something like that.

Have you reloaded your code onto the V5 brain? It has to be reloaded after saving the signatures to use them. That doesn’t mean this will solve the problem, but if it hadn’t been done it could be the problem.

Doesn’t the utility need to write the code to create the signature and put it in the code for it to have effect?

I’m not sure why they just didn’t use the pixy interface

In theory, the utility should be able to save the signature directly into the vision sensor’s memory.

In practice… it’s seeming like the most consistent way to get signatures working is the method you described. We have a release coming in the next couple of days that adds a function which should make it easier for that to happen.

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