Savings on Operational & Maintenance Expense

I’m sorry if I sound hostile, but why do you keep asking for company management advice on a robotics forum?

I’m sorry if I sound hostile, but why do you keep asking for company management advice on a robotics forum?

@Nehalem its a type of spambot that posts a normal-ish sounding thread that is completely innocent, then a few days/weeks later it adds in a bunch of trash links, a common technique making search engines think the trash links are more relevant than they actually are

I see. Thank you for the explanation @PixelToast

For a second, I thought that was @Cane1724 replying as that… Imagine how hilarious that would be if it actually wasn’t a spambot and it said that xD
Well… Here are some ways of cutting expenses @Cane1724:

  • One motor Drive
  • One motor Maniuplator
  • Auton where the robot only goes in circles (Very useful technique)
  • No sensors
  • Not buying any programming software, and just using the pre-installed code (2smart)
  • Not paying money to spam the forum, this will save you A TON of money

they have a few legitimate posts, sorry in advance if you are not actually a spambot but the off-topic posts are fishy as hell

Yea, especially in the WD40 post where @Cane1724 said “You Remind me of WD 40…”

I think you are right. @DRow this user (@Cane1724) keeps posting weird an off topic things in this thread and others. I think it is a more advanced spam-bot that scans for key words then says something that kinda has to do with the topic. (I.E., talking about driving a car in a driver skills thread or ask for “a motion device for a specific purpose” then posting multiple links on were you should buy them. I didn’t check the links to see if that’s what they actually lead to, but that’s what the link text said.) Please take care of it. @Cane1724, if you are a human being and not a spammer, I am sorry. However, you have continued to post threads about business and when people ask why you have not responded, so I have become suspicious.

DANG! This bot was programmed by some serious people! The off topic posts are, to quote @PixelToast “fishy as hell”, but the account has some legitimate posts. Something about vex not on the wiki, and another about kids running while carrying their robot. I’m torn trying to figure out what this is…

maybe its someone trying to promote websites, and they’re being paid to post spam linking to someone website