SC regional

the south carolina regional was yesterday, teams 3500, 3701, and 281 won. team 3531 took the inspire award. 3500 had a great robot with a arm capable of 2 in the high goal and chin-up. others could score more at a time but 3500 scored 2 really fast wich earned them number 2 seeded. other notable robots were 3532 wich had folding arms to plow huge amounts of balls at a time and 3289 wich was able to acually pick up the atlas ball and drive with it. there was a variety of plow bots and high goal scorers. about half of the high scorers had grippers for one ball at a time and about half had tank tread roller arms. I saw 2 robots complete a chin-up.
my pictures will be posted soon

Wonder when north carolina’s is

i believe it is above south carolina.

HAHAHA silly let me reword my sentence.
though i said when and not where :stuck_out_tongue:

I wonder when North Carolina’s regonal’s are?

march 24th i think… team 1086 will be attending…
sounds like the SC regional went well… congrats to the winning teams!!
post pics soon!!


pics are in the gallery

dude!! the one that can carry the atlas ball is awsome!!!
i m suprised there havent been more that can do that…
great pics, thanks!!


March 24th at NC A&T in Greensboro.

Go to and follow the links to find the FVC events list if you want to contact the organizers, or if you want to learn about any of this season’s other FIRST FVC events.


this may be a dumb question, but can teams from one region also enter into another region’s competition. Example, a Virginia regional competitor enter into a North Carolina regional.

absolutley, althought you can only win stuff at the first 2

what do you mean by that, do you mean that even if we make it in first place, we are not allowed to get trophys?

The 1st two FIRST Championship events that you enter are the ones that count for earning trophies and earning invitations to the “Championship” Championship in Atlanta. After that you can compete for fun and bragging rights in a 3rd, 4th, etc. championship tournament (like the VA, NC, CT, NJ, etc. tournaments).

Whether you might walk away from a 3rd, 4th, etc. FIRST Championship with a trophy (let’s say you were on the tournament-winning alliance), but not also earn a trip to the Atlanta Championship, is an interesting question.

In a situation like that I don’t know who gets the trophy or how the team that would replace you in the Atlanta tournament would be chosen. I suspect that the answer lies in the methods FIRST has been using for FLL tournaments. Many FVC rules are FVC versions of FLL rules.


I don’t see anything about if you win the competition that you don’t get the prize.

I looked at the official FIRST FVC Q&A and found this pertinent exchange.

If the event has paid for trophies, then I suppose you would take one home if you win or place on the competition field, but otherwise tournaments after your first two are just for fun.

PS: The official Q&A forum is a great thing to subscribe to…