Scenario with Skills Tiebreaker

I just had a quick question about a special scenario in the skills challenge season rankings. Here it is:

Let’s say we have team A and team B. Early in the season, team A gets a relatively high programming skills score of 13. However, at that tournament, they only get a score of 17 in their driver skills. This gives them a total of 30 points.

Then comes the state championship. Team A has improved their score to 33 later in the season before states. At the state championship, Team A and Team B both get scores of 34 which are high scores for both. Team B wins the tiebreaker at the tournament because they got a programming skills score of 11 while Team A got 9. At the tournament, Team B is ranked higher and is considered to have the higher skills score.

The problem is that whichever team is ranked higher will receive the invitation to the world championship, while the other will not. My question is: although Team A has the highest season programming skills score not included in the score of 34, which team should receive the invitation? By comparing just the two highest scores (the scores that put both teams into consideration,) Team B has higher programming. Is the programming score that Team A received months ago earlier in the season the tiebreaker for a higher score that is unrelated much later in the season?

Thank You.

Assuming you mean the spot for Robot Skills champion at states and not a different double qualification spot, only the scores gotten at the event are relevant. In the event of a double qualification spot, it goes to the team with the highest score from the whole season. Also, you can’t mix/match scores from different competitions (e.g. a team gets a 15 driver and a 10 programing at one competition and a 13 programing and a 10 driver at another. Their best score will be a 25, not a 28).

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I believe that the double qualification spots are taken off the world skills rankings in order of rank. The team A in question is higher ranked on the world skills ranking than team B. As a result team A should qualify. It appears that highest programming score on the season is the tiebreaker, not highest programming score at the event of the score.


This year, there is an elaborate description of the tie breakers for skills:

Teams will be ranked based on the sum of their highest Programming Skills Match score and Driving Skills Match score, with the team with the highest sum being declared the Robot Skills Challenge Winner.
• In the case where two teams are tied for the highest score, the tie will be broken by looking at both teams’ next highest Programming Skills Match score. If the teams remain tied, the tie will be broken by looking at both teams’ next highest Driving Skills Match score. This process will repeat until the tie is broken.
• If the tie cannot be broken (i.e. both teams have the exact same scores for each Programming Skills Match and Driving Skills Match), then the following ordered criteria will be used to determine which team had the “best” Programming Skills Match.
1. Number of points for Toggled High Flags.
2. Number of points for High Scored Caps.
3. Number of points for Center Parking.
4. Number of points for Alliance Parking.
5. Number of points for Low Scored Caps.
6. Number of points for Low Scored Flags.
• If the tie still cannot be broken, the same process in the step above will be applied to the teams’ best Driving Skills Match.
• If the tie still isn’t broken, events may choose to allow teams to have one more deciding match, or declare both teams the winner.

But what’s interesting is that this seems to apply to an individual tournament only. Because in the scenario the OP is talking about, one team had a higher programming skills score earlier in the season but the score that is used in thje global skills raking has a lower programming score. So the tie breaker (looking at the next highest skills score) would be a higher skills score.

I believe that the global skills list includes all tiebreakers and is in the correct order. So spots to worlds in an individual region (say Virginia) in the case of double quals for worlds would pull the teams in the order listed in the global skills list. Or, in other words, 12F over 1575B.

This is where it’s officially set, in the Qualifying Criteria on page 4 has the order of how spots are allocated.

It uses the World Robot Skills standings, so I think tie breakers applied to the skills scores recorded season long:

VEX Worlds spots are allocated based on the following:

  1. On January 1, 2019, additional spots will be allocated to regions that have higher-than-average growth to re-balance spot levels due to these additional teams. Teams added after January 1, 2019, will not be considered in this re-balancing allocation of spots.
  2. When inviting teams from the World Skills Standing, the Middle School Spots will be given to Middle School teams, and High School Spots will be given to High School Teams.
  3. At least one official VRC event must take place in a state/region/country to receive a spot.
  4. Spot allocations for each State/Regional/Provincial/National will be given to that number of different teams.
  5. If all spots could not be given away, or if a team qualifies multiple times, there will be spots that need to be re-allocated. Remaining middle school spots will be given to middle school teams and remaining high school spots will be given to high school teams. The highest, unqualified team on the Robot Skills Challenge Score from the World Robot Skills Standings, from that region will get the spot and be determined after the last State/Regional/Province/Nation Championship in that region. Scores from the State/Regional/Province/Nation Championship will be included on the World Robot Skills Standings for consideration in this process.
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