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My school may or may not have a middle school robotics club next year. If I built my robot at home with my team, do I have to be a part of a school to enter competition?



No. There are independent teams.

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No, but be prepared to spend a ton of registration $$$



Too true!! Most of our funds go towards registration fees. :frowning:



The only thing our school funded this year was the entrance fee and two coaches to fly out and their hotel, the rest was up to the parents to cover. Hotel rooms for the kids, air fare, food, shirts etc. So i know it gets pricey but two of the parents were able to fundraise enough to fund the team thankfully!

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We are an independent team. team registration is $150 and each event was $80. States was $150. You can calculate what you want to go to.

As far as parts, if you can use the school parts, great. That will save a ton. We found a kit from a disbanded team on ebay for roughly 20% of retail cost. I sold the parts we didn’t need and made the money back, so in our case the parts were free. We spent a couple hundred on more stuff we didn’t have in the kit.

You can make a field for much cheaper your own. See here.

PM me if you want other info.

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