School Rivalries

So relating to robotics teams from your same school. Do you have rivalries? Do you think that since they are in your school it gives you the edge or them the edge? Do you have a special way that you can win every time? I say this because our team has a rivalry in our own school. We are pretty polite to each other, but we always end up winning. I think it gives both of us the edge and think there’s so much uncertainty going into the matches.


I think that as long as it’s in line with the heat of the game. Who is Lana? And your advantage is in compliance with the game manual, it should be fine.


We have quite a huge rivalry between my team and 44012A. It absolutely gives us an edge against them! Their robot is built better, however since we know their strategies and faults, we have never lost. Another part of it is inside jokes, at states last year we were against them and just before the match started we yelled “Who is Lena?” Leading their driver to getting embarrassed and the lack of focus made them lose the match.


All our teams all have rivalries, but we all help each other and try to do our best. It’s an awful lot like siblings. We all are friends, but the teams totally trash talk. Right now, A and C are rivals since A went to worlds last year and C was not so hot, and this season, C is doing pretty hot and A is having some robot difficulties. We all get an edge though because we know what the others are doing and can coordinate. Winning isn’t really dependent on inter school team coordination in my opinion. I think that winning comes more from having a good robot, good coding, good notebook, good scouting. But when the teams work together, these can end up closely related.


Our teams have friendly rivalries between each other. We passive aggressively roast each other’s team (you don’t have a working robot, to well, we already qualified for states). But we are still a family.


Was she watching the game?

Just imagine their tray unfolding during eliminations to reveal the 12 cube long message:

“Will you go to prom with me, Lena?”


I have a personal rivalry against the senior team at my school after they essentially kicked me off the team for no reason, on the topic of does it give one team an edge, not really, our only head to head match my alliance partner didn’t show and my chain broke, so bad luck charm confirmed?


I can say with confidence that I’m pretty sure that our sister teams hate us as they always talking about squishing us and wanting to destroy our bot, but that might not be the case.


Our senior team is generally better than us (they qualed to worlds while we only made the Create US Open), but all of last year we never lost autonomous to them despite losing every match against them. Since they have the slight edge (last year they were rank #5 in state for skills and we were rank #6) it’s a fun match, but never get’s too personal.

  1. Lena is a nearly fake online person whom I get bothered about daily.
  2. I would like to state that I do not ever remember the mentioned story ever occurring
  3. We have always lost to them despite generally performing better and outdoing them in practice.
  4. We have lost to them 6 times. We have only been against them 5 times. We were allies with them once and and got dq’d meaning they won and we didn’t.

i would totally do this because this is an amazing idea


Me and my sister team a stupid rivalry. Their robot is ridiculously better than ours but we always get absolutely stupid luck and beat them every time. For example, they get a five point auton and can get two 8-10 stacks, but their stacker motor was unplugged during a size check and they did not notice it so we won.


We have no rivalry where we are, we always do what is best for the program, not ourselves.


You could also add rivalries between teams in the same organization too


Our vex club, VEXMEN, has a massive rivalry with GVMS. Any team from there wants a piece of us, and vice versa. I once got caught helping a GVMS team. It wasn’t pretty. PTSD intensifies


That is so true our team is not very good but we came in second place last tournament but it was very hard because some older teams from our school competed. We have 6 teams at our school. I am on the D team but we have the A B and C team and 2 high school teams.

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In my school, we have 8 teams. There are only 4 competition spots however… we have an in school competition to see what 4 teams do the best. It’s a hostile environment to say the least


“To say the least…”

Wait… what is it to say the most?


Most of 4810 are rivals. We are very competitive and none of us want to loose



Iv had rivals out side of my school never in it