School year 2020/21

I have a couple questions pertaining to the possibility of seeing a 20/21 school year where the majority, if not all of the US and participating countries, are still in a virtual setting. Heaven Forbid. Obviously this would greatly diminish students abilities to interact with physical robots, and their teams. Is VEX considering a virtual model of competition next year? Similar to the RVW online challenge of years past perhaps. Also, with this scenario in mind, would VEX consider expanding its VR platform to encompass learning modules and a LMS (Similar to to be used for 9wks/semester virtual education settings?

This Saturday is the game reveal. I have a feeling we’ll know a lot more after that. Nothing to back this up - just my feeling - but I think next year will look a lot different than the past. I mean, how can we have tournaments with multiple teams plus spectators in the time of social distacing? Schools may not even be able to meet. School sports will probably be cancelled or modified. The world is going to a whole lot different for the next year or so.


I agree, I think questions and concerns about social distancing and other important topics regarding the virus and teams not being able to meet should be brought up and answered then.


I have a question would you want to go to school for 4 days a week and have one virtual day?

  • Go To School Every Day
  • Have One Virtual Day

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If I have one virtual day all the tests would be on the same day and that’s no bueno

Here is a scenario to consider - Monday Tuesday in building classes with half the students. Wednesday deep clean of building. Thursday Friday classes with other half of class. If you need even less dense classes - do AM and PM shifts so you only ever have 1/4 of the students in building…

But without mass testing, treatment therapies, and vaccines - it gives pause to the idea of 24-30 kid classrooms.

Challenging world ahead, but creative solutions will help us define the new models for elementary and secondary education. This could be a catalyst for rethinking education.


If school is open, you should be attending every day. Virtual learning is much less efficient than at-school learning.

EDIT: Source: am a student, have participated in both forms of learning


Depends what metrics you use. I am pretty sure there is a whole segment of students who are home schooled who would disagree with a sweeping statement like that.

as for effectiveness of remembering what you learned, there was a study where they took a whole group of HS kids who passed their end of the year final, and had them retake the same final after summer break. Not a single student passed.

So, how do you measure effectiveness of a course in terms of learning? that is the $1,000,000 question.


I know, for myself, I am very easily distracted while working on online school assignments. As a matter of fact, I should probably get back to my world history lesson when I finish typing this.


I might disagree with this. It really depends on the class, how the teacher teaches, how the students learn, and whether or not there’s even a choice.


I would disagree with this because I am homeschooled and I have never gone to Public School, and I would like to consider my learning very efficient, perhaps even more so than it could be in a Public School. In order to learn without direct guidance from a teacher, all it takes is a set of goals and some drive and determination.


U shouldn’t be downplaying public schooling if you’ve never done it before. Also, virtual learning and home schooling are not the same thing.

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You’re absolutely right, I apologise if it seemed like I was downplaying Public Schools. Public schools are an excellent form of education for some, but I personally believe that virtual education can be (in some cases) more efficient than real-world classes.
And yes, virtual education and homeschooling are different things, but in my case, I do almost all of my learning and education online or in a virtual setting.

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I see now. Thx for the clarification.

Being in the same boat as Taran rn, I can see why he thinks the way he does. Unlike your teachers who have been doing online school for so long, our teachers were kind of thrown into this. I kind of have to feel for them on a certain level but nonetheless, it is undeniable that education in public schools has gotten worse primarily because of this. Still, it’s better to have bad education than none at all.