Just curious when you guys are starting school. I’m starting 6th grade tomorrow.:frowning:

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7th grade, August 31st.

HATE school.

Bummer. I don’t mind school.

I hate it cuz where I live, the curriculum is just stupid. The smart kids are too smart for it, the stupid kids are too stupid for it. It’s not good for anyone.

I start school September 8th!:D:D:D I’m on vacation now!

I HATE school too. It’s nice when you’re organized but when you miss something like a paper or you’re absent, it spins you way off balance. Elementary was WAY easier than Middle.

When’s you’re birthday? I thought you were going to 7th too.

Nope.:(:(:(:(:frowning: My birthday is October 10th.

I’m guessing your one of the smart ones?

I guess, in most areas. In fourth grade I brough a robot into school and everyone was like, “Wow that’s so cool! You’re so smart!” and stuff like that. It wasn’t really very hard, it was a rather simple bot. Ever since, I had a reputation of “the smart kid”. In GNT this year we did NXT robots and I practically built and programmed everything. So i guess the kids in my school are below me as far as robotics, electronics, and I’m up there in math. Science was way too easy. reading and language arts was kind of difficult, and social studies was easy too. I think the curriculum needs work.

I agree. I have lived in Alabama, Florida, Texas, and now Mississippi, so by the time I’m known as “The Smart Kid” I move lol.

Unfortunately besides this forum I have never met anyone my age that is near me in electronics, programming, or robotics.

I’ve never moved. So my reputation sticks:)


Off to school…

My school’s curriculum is pretty good. It’s challenging - even to the smart kids. I was the smart kid in elementary until in middle school everyone changed and got “cooler” while I changed the same and now I’m viewed as a nerd… :^/

Oh well, I really don’t care what people think. I’d rather climb to my own heights than let something as stupid as that bring me down.

Exactly! I take pride in being a nerd.

Middle school is just sometimes hard when all of your friends “grow out” of you or stoop to lower levels and then just ignore you or turn against you. They just want to be liked - so they decide that they can start new so they’ll do well in the social sewer of middle school. There’s no use in getting back your friends - and no use in making new ones because everyone is a jerk. So basically you’re stuck in sest pool of jerks with boring learning, stressful assignments, and the longing for a field trip or a few days off. Your only source of delight is from the snapple machines in the lunch room and the pizzaria or deli near the school were you walk home. Not even days off are fun; you have to do work on them too! There is not room for an hour of fun; homework takes over three hours!!! It’s just school, homework, dinner, bed. Not even summer vacation is fun because you have no friends, you’re worrying about a stupid assignment, and every night you have a nightmare about going to school! At least our teacher gave me $77 dollars because I found the light switch for the classroom in my dream.I wish that happened in real life!

Wow, I just wrote an essay! Just had to get that out of my system. Sorry if that scares anyone, that’s just theway it is in my school.

Hmm… Nice essay! This is like what happened to one of my friend we were good friends in elementary but now he sort of runs away when I want to chat or something lol. I guess he doesn’t like nerds any more.

PS: Umm nise reeson foor ediitting yur post !

Just got back from vacation and found this thread. I head back to school soon, too – as a teacher. dylanjkj19, I hope you find someone somewhere in school to enjoy. You may have to search in strange places (though I wouldn’t try looking in the Snapple machine), but they can be found.

At school, my son was like a fish out of water until he discovered a guy who liked cartooning (one of his interests at the time). It’s interesting that once you discover one “smart kid”, you’re bound to find others – this guy connected him to a chess nut, and those 2 had a good time challenging each other to memorize progressively longer strings of pi. His friend also started a chess club that met at a pizza place on Friday evenings, and gained a regular gathering of more than a dozen kids and their families.

In middle school, my son discovered robotics and went out on a limb, inviting some of his contacts to form a team. For 6 years, he was the driving force behind various robotics teams and was without peer, until a programming dudette joined the team in his 5th year. Not all the kids on the teams would necessarily be considered “smart kids”, but he learned to appreciate them for what they did have to offer.

I’d encourage you to stick with school and do your best, even if it’s not much fun right now. Good grades are a gateway to opportunities that are a lot more enjoyable than what you could ever imagine. My son just started college and was “forced” to attend a seminar on robotics. The leader of the seminar was a mentor for the college’s DARPA challenge robot and the students were “coerced” to “endure” a talk about how they could get involved in the design and construction of this robot. Those who ended up taking his computer class would be “required” to learn how to integrate hardware and software modules to perform various tasks. How’s that for school work?

When I was your age… I remember those days as well… :frowning:

Hang in there!!! The World is a BIG PLACE, and there are many more like you (us) out there!!! You now have the Internet, and can see that your not alone…

=== My Story ===
Up until the 7th Grade, I had friends that were interested in the same things I was interested in… Star Trek, Science, and Mysteries (The Three Investigators)… Then in the 7th Grade, my Locker Partner moved out, he though I was a “dork” (i.e. Nerd), I was Awkward around Girls, did not like Sports, mainly because I was uncoordinated and did very poorly at them. I was in band, and played the Clarinet, and then in Jazz Band and played the Saxophone and then Electric Bass. My Jr. High School, 7th through 9th Grade was one of the Loneliest times of my life… I had one “true friend” in the 8th Grade…

High School was a little better, I discover Computers in JAN-1982, they were new to my School District. In SEP-1982 I joined the Yearbook Class and became one of the Key Photographers, and was still in Band and Jazz Band… By the time High School Graduation came, I was just starting to like High School… I did not want to “move on”. I did poorly on Grades, not quite good enough to get into the 4 year State Engineering School…

(Community or Jr.) College was better, I found people more like me, I took Computer Classes, Engineering Classes, and then some Electronics Classes. In the Electronics Lab, I Played with a Heathkit Hero I robot, it was real cool!!

I could not seem to get all my classes completed, so that I could Graduate. I got a Job, in Computer Programming, software for specialized publishing… Then got Married, then other Computer related Jobs… Other Computer Programming Jobs… And now where I work, doing Embedded Computer Systems, to control Physical Systems on Recreational Vehicles… Basically a job of Robotics and Control Systems. And now for the last 3 years, Vex Robotics, as a Hobby…

Nine years ago, my wife and I learned that our Youngest Daughter has High-Level Functioning Autism. She received both a Medical and Educational diagnoses. We also discovered that her older sister has a related Autism Spectrum Disorder, called Aspergers Syndrome.

After learning all this, I was tested, and received a Medical Diagnoses for Aspergers Syndrome as well. I was not the least bit surprised to find that some of the many “traits” of “Aspergers Syndrome”, are “physical clumsiness and atypical use of language.” plus, “experience difficulties in basic elements of social interaction, which may include a failure to develop friendships or to seek shared enjoyments or achievements with others (for example, showing others objects of interest), a lack of social or emotional reciprocity, and impaired nonverbal behaviors in areas such as eye contact, facial expression, posture, and gesture.”

These are not good traits when wanting to “fit in” with others… But it does describe most of my life, plus I must fight on a minute by minute basis, the “nonverbal behaviors”, such as eye contact, facial expression, posture, and gesture. I find it very difficult to look someone in the eyes while having a conversation, that is very Socially Awkward, to say the least…

On a Positive Note, the “Aspergers Syndrome” trait of being “preoccupied with particular, specialized areas of knowledge”, has Served Me Well in Computers, Programming, Robotics and Control Systems… I don’t have a Photographic Memory, but I remember a Lot of Details, on a Lot of Subjects, which helps Tremendously with answering a Lot of the Questions here at VexForum…
Someone made a Comment to me recently, about how impressed they were with Quazar, as well as Myself, in posting responses to Vex Questions, with “clear explanations”, and Supporting Hyper-Links to related material, in a very short time period.
It is just one of the ways I have found to use my “powers” for Good, and hopefully not bore you to death. :wink:

So, again, I encourage you to Hang In There!!! I am so very much, wanting to know where you go to college, and what areas you study, and what accomplishments you achieve… Because I have high expectations of you, because you have such a fantastic start on knowing all these “things” about Robotics and Control Systems, and you have the advantage of such a BIG head Start… You will be thinking of doing even bigger projects, then the typical student…

No Pressure though… Just hoping that you will “Save the World”, someday… Or something like that…

Also, there is that Autonomous Telepresence Robot Help thread of yours… [1].
I am working on that as well… So Don’t Despair, or Give Up Hope…

im homeschooled, but i do go to a homeschooling group where we all take classes almost like a school, but the parent’s decide what they want to teach (and some kids too, like me, i teach a lego robotics class along with my brother) and then the kids decide what they want to take, we have 2 ten week semesters when we do this, once in the fall (coming up soon!) and once in the spring. There aren’t any real problems with people feeling left out or not having any friends, in fact there are plenty of friendships, thats what i like about homeschooling. :slight_smile:

I have high hopes for myself, I want to go to MIT majoring in electrical engineering and computer science. One thing that I hate is when people judge me on my age. Its like because I’m 11 I am “supposed” to have a certain level of knowledge.