Science Division - Sack Attack

Divisions are posted,

Post a link to your reveal or info of your team if you are in the Science Division.

We’re in the science division. Looks like some scary good bots are in the science division.

I am in the science division. I have a reveal but it is rather old I have changed a lot of stuff to make my robot even better. I will try to post newer pictures of it and possibly a video. But come visit me on Thursday!

My team’s in the Science Division. Here is my team’s robot reveal.

I’m anticipating the competition, either way it goes :slight_smile:

This is probably one of the strongest divisions this year. We are in it. :slight_smile:


8059D - Excellence Award winner for Singapore Vex Robotics Championship is in Science.

It is the most experience team among the 8059 series… do drop by and say hi :slight_smile:

We are in Science! See you all there!

No reveal yet for our current bot, but our robot can score, descore, and rescore pretty well, and can score moderately on the high goal if we need to. We can also play really good defense, while not being too much slower than most other robots.

We will be there when the doors open tomorrow, I don’t remember who it was looking for the side pieces to put one prescription eye glasses, but I could not find them before we left, and had no luck at 2 stores on the way here. I did however hit paydirt on some cutting wheel kit’s for Dremels, so if needed we are the go-to peep’s for that.

We are unpacked and doing a few last minute details so we won’t get a chance to post pics or videos before anyone see’s the robot anyway.

We’re looking forward to a few fun day’s, come and say hi.

Hey guys! Just wanted to tell you all to check out the 569 pits! If any of you remember plinko, we’re having our own with a little NHRC flair. Look for the three 569 teams and come win a prize!

Here’s a video preview

Link doesn’t work… it has ellipses in it.

Just found out that my team has matches against 569a, 8059d, and 4080a! Can’t wait for some friendly competition!

Should be fun! Win or lose I think we will all walk away smiling. We’re looking to learn what we will need to do better next year.

I can tell you that 8059D is looking forward to Q131 too… playing against 944B and GER… wow… :slight_smile:

Yeah, that’s going to be a pretty cool match! It will be the second time we are in a match with GER if you count the practice matches.

That’s always a good thing! I know that a lot of teams value new knowledge much higher then winning, but either way, that is going to be a fun match! Good luck and have fun!

That was an awesome match with 4080a! It was unfortunate that you tipped, but in the end you guys pulled through to win the match! Unfortunately, for the match against 8059d, 2 of our motors were broken and we didn’t have enough time to fix them before the match. It was still a good match though, maybe we can meet again in the elimination rounds while our robot is fully functional! Which reminds me, we have had a really tough schedule this year so I don’t feel as if our ranking accurately represents the ability of our robot. I know a lot of people will say that, but if you are interested, drop by our pits (944b) and we will show you guys on the practice fields! Good luck, and have fun!

Elimination Alliances

  1. 7856A-44-1241X
  2. 8000A-2941B-8059D
  3. 177-169A-1575D
  4. 1080P-1497A-7856B
  5. 40B-12B-5199A
  6. 3129A-2323Z-1045A
  7. 1064B-7763A-1970A
  8. 9378B-599D-254D

Looks like it will be an exciting set of elimination matches!