Science Museum Seeks Director

Seeking a director of management/fundraising for the Great Valley Museum. Here’s a description of the job:

Formal job posting: [

The museum is scheduled to open this spring, and some of the outdoor displays connected to the college (Foucault pendulum, parabolic fountains) are already open to the public. I’ve also seen the state-of-the-art planetarium whose projector is the newest in North America, Science-on-a-Sphere, and other techie displays that were installed just this year. Very cool!

While the Vex forum isn’t necessarily the best fit for Scientific (vs. Technology) personnel, if you have connections to people who might be interested/qualified for this, please feel free to re-post or disseminate this information. They are seeking candidates from far and wide to get a “best fit”.](

This position had filled last year, but may reopen soon. Message me if you know someone who might be interested in the job.