Science Olympiad doesn't allow LI batteries- are there alternatives?

In this years Science Olympiad, the robot build is called Robot Tour C. Is there a work around to the battery for the V5? Lithium batteries are not allowed

  • Electrical energy used by the Robot for any purpose, including propulsion, must be stored in a maximum of 6 (six) AA or AAA 1.2 to 1.5-volt common, commercially available batteries, individually labeled by the manufacturer. Rechargeable batteries are allowed.
  • Any battery containing lithium or lead acid is not permitted. Teams using these batteries will not be permitted to run and will receive only participation points.

I think this will be an issue also.

V5 will not run on 9V really, and even if it did for a while, not much energy there for V5 motors.

so the only vex product you could use would be an IQ system with the optional 6 AA battery holder.


IQ robots would be great for this event. It has ultrasonic sensors, touch sensor, and rotation sensor built into the motors. A simple square-bot with sensors would be easy to build. That would give you time to do the programming.


I agree with foster here, I found a poster that Iā€™m assuming is right from here in the poster you can see a Vex IQ bot that would work better, you may have to consider the size limit so v5 may not be the best choice.


Or use some old cortex stuff with the aa battery pack. cheap. people here will probably give you the stuff if you pay shipping.