Scissor Jack

For February’s Challenge i am using a scissor jack and i need advise on how to pull the bottom ends together. Thanks

My scissorjack used this method to create a leadscrew drive. It was the only thing I could think of that would be strong enough to lift the scissorjack.

i will see if i can do that but tomorrow not today, too tired maybe there will be no school tomorrow so i can have more time to work on it. (Check New Jersey Weather)

I think the easist way would be to mount one side of the scissor jack and then attach something to that side to pull the other side towards it. Unfortunatly I can’t give any more help than that due to the limits of explaining something on the internet.

my team did a sissior lift 2 years ago for the vex challenge. in stead of using something to pull the bottom we powered the first joint like an arm.

wait do u mean like using the nylon cord for like a pulley system to pull them together??

that looks like it might be harder than corpralchee’s idea if his does not work i will try yours. I probably will try yours anyway to see which method is more effective

Our vex team thought a scissor lift with a tray to hold softballs in would be the way to win the hangin’ a round challenge but we couldn’t think of a way to pull the bottoms together but now I realize how we could have done it.

yeah same here, we could have made that tred system work, only problem is that it might not fit that 18X18X18 size

I’ve seen several teams with scissor jacks to lift softballs. Most of them work pretty well. I’ll see if I can link some pictures.


Well I couldn’t find any pictures so heres what I remember. The bot using the jack pulled one side towards the other by having some tread laid flat and one side of the jack crawled along the tread with the cog. I believe the cog was drive directly by the motor. Like I said before one side was fixed. If you need more description feel free to ask.

Alright then, what our design was: putting a series of short tread conveyors from the front to the back and having them fold up to get that 18X18X18 size. then having those conveyors lead up to a bucket that could hold a whole stack of the balls (4 balls) and having a scissor lift or something else, which we could not think up, lift the balls into a high goal. The only problem we had, and why we abandoned the idea, was that we didn’t know how we could have lifted that scissor jack up that far. but now, realizing it, we could have done some intensive gearing to make it go that high.

If we didn’t have all our parts tied up in our two competition robots I would try to build it maybe next year.

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well does anyone else have any other suggestions i am still working on it.

Have you tired any of my suggestions?

“working on it”

ok it is too late i could not get it to work so i failed this one 2

Perhaps, you could have one side of the bottom slide and just use a motor configured as a “winch”

\ /

Darn, it didnt turn out right :frowning: