Scissor lift dimensions

I’ve been planning on a scissor lift design, and I’m trying to get the dimensions right. How do I figure out how flat can the scissor lift can get and the angle it bends when it’s at the flattest? And how do I figure out how high my scissor lift can stretch up to? (for this one I’ve thought about looking at how close the sliders on the bottom of my scissor lift are)

edit: this is for my 6th grade robotics class, not change up

fun fact: don’t use a scissor lift.

For your actual question, just visualize it.


Although I would not generally recommend scissor lifts, and especially not for this year, I would advise using cad to design the lift. There is certainly math you could do but I would find it way easier to just use cad to figure out what you can do


I don’t really think you would need a scissor lift, especially for the height requirements of this game. You only really need to go just above the goal with a lift type design, and something like a scissor lift is unnecessary. Also, scissor lifts (imo) just don’t work as well as other types of lift, in terms of stability. If you need height, they can be an option, but in this case, there’s really no point for it (if you are doing change up).

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Even then, what he said still applies.

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