Scissor Lift gets caught on lift.

Ok this is just a minor problem but as you see with the image provided the edge of the scissor lift will catch that top part and get stuck. So therefor we have to raise the arm, straighten it and bring it back up, and if you can image that, its precious time wasted trying to correct it. Right now we have but plexi glass on the side and were going to put plexiglass strips on the scissor lift so it
“slides off” but could anyone give any help on how to keep it from catching?

btw we only have 2 cm of room on top until it hits 18’’

There’s not enough information to give advice for sorry could you you please take a picture from another angle?

I’d imagine that putting the sliders on at the outside of the lift will help, since the side that’s leaning lower will be the one to become held up by the slides.