Scissor lift help

Hi, our team is currently trying to make a scissor lift for sky rise, but we cannot seem to find a gear ratio that will make it lift. Could someone possibly help us get it to lift? Thanks.

What’s your gear ratio and # of motors? (can’t really tell but it looks like 1:7 and 1 motor?)

It is currently 1-7 with two motors, the picture is from before. We don’t know what to do we just joined vex this year.

I think you’ll definitely need more than 2 motors, and you might need a higher gear ratio. You could also add more elastics (enough to support the lift without any motor power applied). If the gears are skipping that could be a problem so make sure your gears are supported very well so they mesh together.

My scissor lift can lift 3 cubes + a skyrise without too much difficulty. It has 4 393 motors (internally geared for torque) at a 1-14 gear ratio, and enough rubber bands to lift faster than it lowers. (but it only has 3 segments, whereas yours has 4)

If you want a successfull and competitive robot , 4 motors are a must, and a compund gear ratio is aslo helpful.