Scissor lift locking mechanism(wallbot)

Hey guys, I’m making a wallbot this year, and I can’t come up with a way to lock the scissor lifts when they’re fully extended. I’m also using Cortex, just so you know. Any advice is appreciated!

I know someone's gonna do this, so please just don't.

Don’t say, “Don’t use Cortex” as advice.

if you use enough rubber bands it shouldn’t need a lock I wouldn’t think. @224x has a lot of experience with passive scissor walls, he should be able to help.

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Yeah, I didn’t need a locking mech to hold it in place after expanding, I just needed something to stop it expanding too far but that was just cuz of the shape of my wall, if u use a ton of elastic bands no one will be able to shut it


Rubber bands make up for any deficiency in design. Drive train stalling? Add more bands. Intakes too slow? Add more rubber bands. Lift won’t go up? Add more bands.
This is the key to vex robotics


I use rubber bands on my quick swap motors I usually use the Walmart ones so their easy to get off and on and only use 1. No problems ever I promise so good so amazing

Sounds sus…

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When we did our wallbot last year, we made our locking mechanism by drilling a HS axle hole in one of the channels of the scissor and banding a HS axle down so once the scissor expanded past a certain point the axle would fall down in between the channels of the scissor and stop it from expanding or retracting.


Here is a picture when we were testing out the idea. Once the scissor expands the axle falls through the hole and it cannot expand or retract:


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