Scissor lift or reverse four bar

It seems like the traditional reverse four bar is more convincing due to its speed and the potential height. But I decided to choose a scissor due to the outstanding Chinese scissor robot. The scissor lift surprisingly has a better driver load time and it was able to have a nice performance in the cooperation match. But I am keep getting doubtful about my choice. What should I choose?

I suggest not scissor lift. they are slow, and unstable(usually). a DR4B is much better in my opinion.

it depends, if you have a working scissor lift that works well, don’t abandon it, simply refine it. As a lift that works well, works better than a malperforming lift that has the potential to do extremely well.

However in that same note, both have their ups and downs, rd4bs are heavy, but are quick and stable if made correctly. However scissor lifts can also be fast, as they have been primarily geared for torque in the past, however with more speed ratios emerging as of recently scissor lifts have become a prime contender. Especially with their ability to be tall and compact extremely compact.

Do a double reverse four bar. I guarantee you can’t build a good scissor. And those chinese robots were not so good.

Making a good scissor is extremely difficult. You’d be better off with an rd4b

If you are new to robotics, definitely go with DR4B. It is simpler to build, and there are many more teams that have used it. Scissor lift can work, but it is difficult to build and maintain, which is why it is so rare. However, it has the potential to be more efficient than the DR4B, if built properly.

Every time a new team asks on the forum about building a scissor lift, I link to my (previous) favorite thread on the forum:

Of course, now the gif doesn’t show because of photobucket, but someone who knows more about photobucket than I do might have a fix for that.

Anyway, to echo others in the thread, the scissor lift is a very good lift if and only if built well. There’s many lifts that are just as good that are much more forgiving. AFAIK, out of the common vex lifts, the scissor lift has the least margin for error.

guys, you are forgetting he already has built a scissor and that it works ok.

He’s shown that he can already build a scissor and do relatively well with it, which means that rebuilding completely may not be his best option, if he has a good robot already i say go for it, you can only learn how to build a better robot. Make sure to use nylon spacers everywhere, as they’re the least friction vex has rn. Also use screws for joints instead of shaft collars and shafts, they provide less slop and less frcition.

I believe he’s referring to the Chinese robot.

Emphasis mine.

“The scissor lift” comes immediately after “the outstanding Chinese scissor robot”, and thus appears to be another reference to it. In addition, he says “the scissor lift”, implying that he means one earlier mentioned, rather than “my scissor lift” or some such pronoun.

Actually DR4Bs arent very simple, but it is much easier to perfect it.