Scissor Lift Preparation?

Our scissor lift is not very fast, since it uses 4 torque motors on a 3 scissor lift with a chain bar on top. We don’t have the time to redesign our lift to a double-reverse four bar, so what should we do? States start March 3rd and our next competition is February 17th, though we are already qualified.

Try high speed. Four motors should be more than enough.

Thanks for the idea. We will try that.

Build a DR4B separate from the bot while your driver gets practice and then attach it when it’s done.

Our problem is that we only get 5 hours a week, 2.5 Tuesday and Thursday, so we don’t necessarily have the time to build one separate.

Take the parts home.

If taking parts home isn’t possible using CAD to plan your robot in exact detail would significantly reduce rebuild time.

Our team has never used a CAD program before, so we have no clue on how to properly install or use it. Maybe you could help me with that?

Search for autodesk inventor then download the student (free) version. Then there are many parts libraries available for all the vex parts. For those, search for “vex kop” or something

Thanks for the idea! I will try it once we get home from building.