Scissor lift trouble

I have a qeustion. im trying a scissor lift that has a (small metal gear to 2 1/2" gear) ratio on each end, (only one motor being used cant spare any more). With 1 or less “ruber bands” of tubing is used the scissor lift wont go up, with 2 or more it wont go down. Does anybody know what to do. Please respond with as much detail and simplicty as possible, (assume I have very little technical vobulary and some understanding).

One motor total for the whole lift? :eek: Your not going to be able to do it. Increase your gear ratio and cut down on friction/weight. And perhaps post some pictures. But, I doubt that you’ll be able to power a scissor lift that’s large enough to get the height you want with only 1 motor (without making it ridiculously slow).

If you’re not planning on using any more than 1 motor which I highly don’t recommend, then you may want to try pnuematics as well.

one motor wont work unless you planning on one stage or gearing it 1:75.

A 4-motor 1:7 has been known to work, so in theory, a 1-motor 1:28 (1:4 sprocket ratio compounded with 1:7 gear ratio) should work.

Oh god the speed at which it would lift though! If CyberFalcon is planning on a fast drive with all their other motors, then this’d be an ironic robot with it’s lift.

We need to know how high your scissor lift reaches. If it can get to 50-60 inches, there’s no way that a 2-motor (I’m assuming you’re talking about one on each side) setup can move a scissor lift on a 1:5 gear ratio, or even a 1:7 ratio. (I’ll be very surprised if someone can pull a 1:7 ratio with 4 motors that can carry more than 3 cubes). I would recommend compound gearing for this year’s scissor lift if you plan on reaching 60 inches.

I would guess than since 1:5 was the best lift ratio for toss up to reach 12 inches, you’d need something like 1:25 for a scissor that reaches 60 inches on 2 motors.

True, Skyrise is a game of extremely fast lifts rather than fast drives. Cyberfalcon, I would strongly encourage you to reconsider using more motors on your lift. What is it that you need the other 9 motors for?

Thank you for the replys. by one motor I meant one on each side (I can see where thats confusing) I said one because I was only testing one side so I used that mind set. 4 motor are for my Mecanum wheel and 2 are for intake and 1 on another intake system(wont need it now that ive found a new system online). Im going to try 4 motors on the arm and see what happens

also I’m actually Cyber Phoenix but we made this profile when idid my schools only robot and havent changed it. Does any know if its possible to change name if so how?

Ask the admins for a name change. They’re able to do it. (FYI I used to be Sergeant Space)

Umm how do I do that, I’m clueless.

Make a thread in the forum help area.


… um why a donkey?

I would think it’s definitely possible to power a well made scissor lift with one motor per side. 7:1 gear ratio and rubber bands should work. Just watch the friction and weight. How many cubes do you want to hold?

Well, as what we have learnt in math class, I can tell you that, u can use as many rubber band as you can without sticking at the top. Just make sure that the rubber band will not be tied strictly when the lift went on top. While we do lifting, the hardest part is the starting part and rubber band can help u doing that. When it reaches the top, rubber band does not help anything and then when it goes down, according to Newtonian dynamics, if u start with free fall, there will be no problem with going down because do the mass. If that doesn’t work, you can try to use one rubber band and air pump to help you. At last, I apologize for my poor English and hope you don’t mind.

Ok so if you make 5 sections for a lift to get high enough, 7:1 is going to be super hard to pull off. Our prototype worked great with a 7:1 with two sections when we went to 5 sections it gets a bit tough to go up (whole lot more torque needed to move the lift). Just our observation, if anyone has some other magic lift please explain! lol!!

Ahh there’s that tricky mistress friction again… She gets worse as the number of levels increases…

Skips is problem number two so you can adjust the drive to sandwich in the gears and keep them in line.

  1. washers everywhere so there’s no metal on metal rubbing
  2. tons of runner bands on multiple levels to even the pull all the way up
  3. Lithium grease on the slides
  4. leave bolts sort of loose and not too tight but tight enough to not be wiggly

Sorry i meant 1:7 so its geared for torque

This years game seems to need a lift that involves direct upward movement. My suggestion is to complete the elevator or scissor lift. Also, within the scissor lift make sure to power the lift correctly:p