Scissor Lift

I was looking at VEX videos on youtube and I came across this

I replayed the video many times, at a point even going frame by frame through the video, and I can not work out how their scissor lift mechanism worked. Could someone from AURA fill me in?

I’m assuming that you’re talking about the 15" robot.
I’m not from AURA, but I think that I understand it.
It looks like it uses a 1:5 ratio pulley system up and at the back to pull up and down on the first stage of the scissor lift. It has a lot of elastics to balance the weight out.
This is basically the configuration that I see.

@SamuelC (7842D) Thanks!

SamuelC got it pretty much right, but if you want some more information/pictures have a look at page 24/25 of our design notebook from 2015.

Actualy that is a double reverse four bar. as you change one angle of the parralelagram all the other angels shift aaccordigly.

@trader.aaron1 I was talking about the 15" bot, not the 24" one