How do you build a scissor lift? We have the two arms but we can’t figure out a way to get them moving

Look it up on YouTube

These are some picture, the first two are using a gear mounted at the pivot point of the first stage and the using motors to rotate that gear. The third one uses rack gears to drive the bottom linear sliders. I personally prefer the first option but whatever works for you. And I’m sure there are other ways to do it as well.

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The pics didn’t post in order :stuck_out_tongue:

Why scissor lift at all though?

Scissor lifts are worse then dr4b in almost every way don’t build one.

Don’t go hating on scissor lifts. I’ve seen some well built ones that work very well, my team is working on one and so far we really like how well it works.

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Just because there are well built ones doesn’t mean they can compete with an equally well built dr4b.

Between the two I’d go with dr4b because of the vast different arrangements you can do with it. Scissor seems so limiting. However, if you know what you’re doing, then you probably could compete with a good dr4b.

If a scissor lift can compete with a dr4b (independent of factors like driving) then I would not describe the dr4b as “good”.


DON’T DO SCISSORLIFTS! I was a big advocate of them for a long time, but I’ve come to realize that they SUCK. We spent a solid month trying to get one to work and failed, but we managed to get a DR4B in about two days. Also, DR4Bs have a lot less friction points, which makes them much faster.

*Unless you are experienced and have done one before. They are hard to build, but do have some advantages (I believe they are usually faster than DR4B’s)

I haven’t seen any scissorlift’s faster than DR4B’s. And I’ve seen a LOT of scissorlifts.

So this is irrelevant?

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Remember that mechanically, a DR4B is just half of a single stage scissor lift that has been modified to function without the rest of the scissor lift. “Faster” and “stronger” are not really good measures, because any mechanism can be made to operate at any speed and with any torque. What you put in is what you get out. There is only an effective gear ratio of input displacement to output displacement of the mechanism, in which case, a DR4B is equal to a single stage scissor lift. After that, differences in weight, friction, and construction quality will effect the usable output.

A very light, well built, low friction single stage scissor lift should be the same “speed” as a DR4B for the same input.


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But I have seen some DR4B’s that are faster than that scissorlift; and they only use two motors. See the 315X reveal.

That is a really fast scissor lift

I would highly recommend using DR4B over scissor lift, I made a DR4B, with 4 motors, for the first time over a weekend that fully extended to 40 in. in about .67 sec.