Scissor lift

Any tips for a first time on building a scissor lift? Concepts, tips and all ideas would be helpful.

Think the 1st question is - are you building for worlds?
2nd question - how many “tier” are you looking at? 3-tier scissor?

If the answers to both questions is “Yes”, then my suggestion will be to stick to what you currently have and improve on it. Too late to switch over to scissor lift now.

But there are very gd examples of scissor lift around… try to search for some scissor lifts from China teams and 7682 had a great scissor lift during Skyrise as well.

First tip… build a dr4b instead

No I am not building for worlds but I wanna learn how to build a scissor lift for future games. How many tiers on a scissor lift do you think is necessary for a efficient but decently tall scissor lift?

My personal experience is that most scissor lifts start to tilt from 3 tier onwards.
As for how many tiers you need, it all depends on how high you want to go.

And since it is for learning, then you might want to Do a bit of research and see the different ways of powering the lift. E.g… China or Asia teams in general powered the lift differently from US teams.

Thank you