Scissors Lift using the Gear Kit

This is the video I made of the Scissors Lift, a work in progress. I will probably add some cross braces and I still have to make the top platform and test for weight bearing.

Nice. Are those all Vex IQ parts?

Yes, completely built using parts from the Starter Kit with Controller, a Competition Add on Kit plus two Gear Kits, another Tank Tread Kit, another Chain and Sprocket Kit, another Smart Motor and an Ultrasonic Sensor. I have plenty of parts to play with… :rolleyes:

OK, I hadn’t noticed that the gear kit has parts that are not included in the competition add-in.


The Tank and Intake Tread Kit also interfaces with the Chain and Sprocket Kit, you’ll find that the Gear Kit interfaces with the gears that come with your basic kit (same teeth for each gear.) I am using the linear gears for motion. Oh, I also bought another set of Omni Wheels in case I decide to make a 6 wheel carriage, they reduce the drag when turning.

Thanks for the kind commments!


Steve, you were right about the scissors lift. It wasn’t about being unstable, but it just couldn’t take the stress. The gears that interfaced with the linear slides kept jumping and the pin connections with the motor kept working loose. It was a wonderful experiment and I learned a lot about the VEX IQ system while I was doing this. Art really helped with the pictures, kudos to him as well.

Timdreamer, sounds like the experiment was a success, even if the project was not!

Steve, yes it was a successful experiment. I learned a lot about the gear kit while doing this, not only that I had a blast!! I’ll take a few more pictures of it before disassembly as I have the top slides on there now. I tried lifting a weight (5.5 oz can of cat food) and it really had trouble with that much stress. I think that I would have less trouble with the 12 tooth gear to linear gear interface if I stiffen up the lower slide to gear housing mount, the torque tended to allow the motor housing to rotate. I have trouble placing the photo’s on here as they are huge files. I’ll see if I can modify the pictures so that they have less pixels or find a hosting site. I tried to put them on youtube as a slide show but I only have DSL and slow upload speeds.