What is the strengths and weaknesses of a scoop?

Hey @ajjjjjjjj ,

I would strongly suggest that you do some research before posting on the forum. Quite recently you’ve posted about different types of mechanisms, and although we encourage asking questions, doing some research beforehand would be really nice and beneficial for both you and I. A simple Google search would be really helpful, and I would also recommend the website for you, as this website contains lots of information about a plethora of topics!

I do hope that you kindly take my post into consideration in the future, and good luck this season!


I did do research I just thought to ask people that already know the answers because this is for a assignment that is about to be due. I also already used the purdue website; i’m just asking about the information that is not on there.

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Hello, and welcome to the VEXForum. Please use the search function on these various resources, which should help to give you more information that is not on the purdue website. More specifically, please look at section 5.1.1 in the NASA RAP guide which has information on dustpans.

The Unofficial FRC Mechanism Encyclopedia – Project Bucephalus


The forum is not really a place to have people solve your assignments. It is sketchy ethically for school work. Better to fess up to your teacher you can’t solve the problem yet.


Well I didn’t know that my teacher just referred it to me with no background information

No worries, have your teacher join the forum and let us know what the intentions were. It is hard being figuratively thrown in the deep end the pool :slight_smile:

The forum is organized in sections, here are discussions around VEX Robotics Competition, so please understand why skepticism in responses.

Look forward to hearing from your teacher.