Score for the other team?

If your team is winning by a lot, does it make it sense to score for the opposing alliance? Is this allowed by the rules? I know you can’t carry opposing mobile goals, but if you push them is it allowed?

Our partner did that in one match; we pushed all their goals into their 5 zone to increase our SP. If you’re sure they can’t beat you, and you cannot stack cones, I guess it’s a viable strategy, but doing literally anything else would probably be a better idea. It could also maybe be illegal, but we were not called for it even though it was clearly intentional. (It was in qualifications anyway, so it didn’t really matter)

but… why would you even want to…?

Strength of schedule points

(someone here on the forum): “Our alliance partner got us so many SP that we lost”

+10000, best quote ever

I would suggest reading the rules.