Score Plates as Robot Parts

Can the yellow score plates (the ones that show the point value of low/high hang) from Next Level field elements be used as legal robot build parts for this year’s competitions?

They are in the legal parts appendix.

It’s available here:

Edit:. So I actually looked and they are not there… But they are not illegal either… So you are good as a non functional decoration…???

That is what we were trying to find. A competitor team had them on their robot but they looked like they were used a structural supports at corners. So would that be classified as functional or decoration? There was not an official VEX Rep at the competition to ask.

If u still do not know, you should post this question in this game’s official Q&A.

Unofficial answer, but technically those VIQC point value plates started out as 228-3449-292 (which is just the yellow version of 228-2500-292), before they had the point values printed onto them. 228-2500-292 is in the legal parts appendix.


The part number we found for the score plates from Next Level is 228-5682-011 (from the scoring number build instructions). Would that make a difference?

Any “Official Answer” yet?? We are going to a competition next week and want to make sure everyone is in compliance.

No official answer, but I would go with:

It is in there except for the number on it, so it is a legal piece. You could call the number a non-functional decoration on the functional piece. I’m sorry I missed it. 228-2500-292 is legal.