Scored both red and blue?

Sorry to be impatient. Just priming Karthik for some good questions! Wanted to see if it starts some discussion. We opened up the new game boxes the other day and a question came to mind about scoring in more than one trough.

**If a bag is resting on the plastic between the troughs slumping over in both red and blue sides, will it be scored for both? **

You may say it does not matter, but SP’s are a primary tie breaker. There’s no Gateway like rule saying “it scores for neither” that I can find. Even a tiny corner in the other color’s projection upward would seem to count.

Does the sack flopping over or even peeking over the top of the high goals divider also follow this same logic? (As you attempt a ridiculous high sack stack on top of the high goal for a ton of points, the corner of the yellow sack is over the other color’s projection)

I hope to have simple, quick scoring this season. The scoring should not take longer than the matches. Hopefully we can easily push ones in one way or another to set the scoring in action but I think we’ll have to have a “scored both” bucket too.

I would guess that because of the way the troughs are shaped, that won’t happen. Have you set some up yet? There is a 6 inch high diamond thing in the middle of the trough sections. Can you actually see putting the objects squarely on the edge?

Yep, that’s what led to this question. The flat part on top where the hole is that would hold the pole to the high goal is pretty flat where a scoring element can come to rest. I would not say coming to rest squarely but flopping over the projection of both colored troughs. (Hence, scored for both?)

We were just handling via hand on a trough, and not the high goal. No robots are built yet but can foresee a scoop dumping (and missing) like a front loader of a Cat backhoe being a popular design. Another possibility is some de-scoring flap swepping all the blue scored elements into the adjacent red trough but missing a sack or two on the plastic before the buzzer sounds. The sack comes to rest where part is over red and part is projecting over blue still - even if it is just a tiny corner.

Maybe Karthik can think ahead on things before his May 15th return date? Or do we just let him have a peaceful vacation? :slight_smile:

I do like the fewer rules to manage against this year for losing doublers/not handling the gate in time/feeding doubler elements too soon. Less contention and things to teach the volunteers. Maybe we’ll keep Karthik a bit less busy this year. But somehow I doubt that.

I believe there was any earlier post by some VEX or RECF official (can’t remember who or where) which said that in this situation, it will be up to the judges to decide which side it is leaning more towards (eg. if a little more is on the red side than blue), and that color would recieve the points

Well, in gateway if an object was considered “scored” in more than one goal, then it wasn’t scored at all (ex. 20 inch goals). So they might make that apply to this situation as well

That would be “referees.”

Oh, sorry … that’s what I meant to say, just messed up the terminology. Was that the correct ruling though?

That was for Gateway. The ruling will probably be the same for Sack Attack just for constancy’s sake, but because this year the objects are neutral and the goals are colored it will be different?

Oh you’re talking about Sack Attack. I haven’t seen anything and I don’t think anyone except Karthik would be giving answers on the forums.

I’ve read the rules and couldn’t find it, so I think you have the first really good question for the Q&A when it opens.

That rule wasn’t in the Gateway manual either. It was clarified later.

It wasn’t initially in the manual, but it was added on June 1st.

That’s what I meant. It was in an update to the manual, not the original manual.

For those that are searching this thread, Karthik answered it a day before he said he’d come back…

Thanks Karthik!

(spoiler alert: it scores for both)