Scores within Tournament Manager

I was recently checking on scores from a match where a team was marked as a no show. Upon investigation of this I realized that tournament manger drops some of the scores in the totals for every event. This tournament had 8 matches and the lowest 2 scores were dropped. I checked on other ones that had 6 or 5 matches and it seems that the single lowest was dropped. Do anyone know how tournament manager decides how many to drop? And why? I am an EP and I have people question how these things work all of the time.

It’s in the IQ rules - the lowest score from every 4 matches is dropped.

Which is why we try to have 8 or matches or more, that way two are dropped. You can watch it happen, a team will have an average of 90 for matches, average drops to mid 60’s then it’s back up to mid 90’s when it drops the low match. That’s what roboteers/parents catch is the up - down - up movement.

Here’s the specific rule that TM uses from the game manual:

One out of every four (4) Qualifying Matches will not count towards the rankings. If an event has between four (4) and seven (7) Qualifying Matches per team, then the lowest score for each team will not be counted. If an event has between eight (8) and eleven (11) rounds, then the two lowest scores for each team will not be counted. If an event has twelve (12) or more rounds, then the three lowest scores will not be counted.

It’s probably a good idea for EPs running events to re-read the section titled “The Event” in the game manual prior to hosting an event as many of the questions you might encounter from parents should be answered there.