Scoring blue and red cube question

So if a blue/red cube is touching the top of the perimeter but still touching the white in the scoring zone is it scored

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looking at the game manual (, we see under the definition of scored:

c. A Cube is Scored in a Corner Goal if any part of it is contacting a Corner Goal of the same color
as the Cube. See the definition of Corner Goal for specific details.

The field perimeter has nothing to do with the criteria of “scored”, therefore it doesn’t matter if it is contacting the field perimeter or not. The confusing thing for many people is figure 16, which shows a cube that does not score. The reason the cube doesn’t score is not that it is touching the wall, but because it is not touching the corner goal.


This is confusing in the manual, because of the combination of pictures and text. In the manual, it talks about green cubes right below the red/blue cube pictures.

As kmmohn said, the only thing that matters for red/blue cubes is the white floor area.