Scoring Confusion?!?!

This question applies to both skills and the main game:
What counts as a row, do goals have to be filled to brim with your color on top, or does it just have to one ball of your color in each goal?

Another question about just skills:
How many points will you gain if you de-score a row of blue balls in skills? And if you know the answer, can you please show the steps to find your answer.

Do not quote me on this. In a real match goal ownership counts as having the highest ball in the goal. This means if your color ball is the only one in the goal. It means that you own that goal. If you have this all in a row then you get the 6 point bonus.


From the game manual: “ Row - Three (3) Goals that make up a straight line. There are a total of eight (8) Rows including two (2) Alliance Home Rows.”- A row is basically a straight line of goals. Rows can be diagonal/vertical/horizontal, but must be straight.

Also from the game manual: “Connected Row – A Row where all three (3) Goals in the Row are Owned by the same Alliance.”- A connected row is basically three goals in a straight line (a row) with all of the goals owned by only one alliance.

Again, from the game manual: “Owned - A Goal status. A Goal is considered Owned by an Alliance if its colored Ball is the vertically highest Scored Ball in that Goal.”- Basically you only need one ball in a goal to own it, however, it needs to be the highest in that goal and must be scored.

The game manual, yet again: “ Teams receive points for any blue Balls that are removed from their starting positions in Goals. These points are equal to how many points would have been “de-scored” from the blue Alliance by removing that Ball.”- Use this to answer your question if you can; I am confused, do you mean connected row or just row?


Thanks this helped a lot.

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