Scoring elements 2016-17

I’ve been thinking about what scoring elements and methods could be used in next year’s game that would be interesting and new.
I can only think of a few that haven’t already been used.
What would like to see/compete with?

Here are scoring objects used in passed VRC games.

Here are scoring goals used in passed VRC games.

Here are bonuses used in passed VRC games.

Check out the animation online challenge, they have a whole bunch of neat ideas.
Particularly these ones:
Jewel Jackpot
Tetra Hill
Binary Breakdown
I only looked at the ones from this year and last year.

I want moveable goals and more than one scoring object.

I think heavy objects would be really cool. Make robots that can lift and move heavy objects quickly.

It might be interesting to have robots be the scoring objects. Have different platforms, bars, and such, and have a longer autonomous. That way, teams have to deal with ~a lot~ of uncertainty e.g. is another robot already hanging from this bar? Plus, we’d see more defense.

Maybe an obstacle course?

I’ve actually been telling my team for a couple months now that I think an obstacle course would be interesting. The closest we’ve had to an obstacle course would be the obstacles in Toss Up. I think it would be interesting to have the obstacles be the focus though. Maybe some teams would actually use wheel legs! Not sure how such a game would be scored though.

Maybe movable coloured obstacles that count for points?

I do not think that the objects have to be new, the balls from this year are very similar to the balls in Clean Sweep , though it would be cool to have something new.

They do balls ever other year and different other shapes the other years.

Robotic badminton! Keep rallying with your alliance for bragging rights (or for a few points, although that’s a bit hard to keep track of)!
I want them to mix up the starting tiles so that each bot starts right next to their opponent or something like that.

Like this?

The only problem I see with that, it that during autonomous teams would purposely sabotage the other team.

Maybe like this?

That would certainly be interesting. Would the alliance stations still be together or would they be separate for each team? In other words, would teams on the same alliance still stand together?

How was it done in round up?

what about a form of race around the tiles, with a longer straighter route, and a curvier, shorter route?

This is just a thought, but maybe a sorting game? You get different shapes, representing a certain value, and you need to sort them into a line as quickly as possible. It would be more of a programming-side learning experience, with different types of sorting algorithms, but would also involve designing around various shapes and maximizing speed.

Ok, I like you ideas, but think of it this way. You would have to play and compete in the game for a year if it became a reality.

I’d like to see a robot on a 24" platform high hanging while holding another robot. Parking + Hanging + Elevating.