Scoring for beginners

I’m curious as to how beginning teams can score. Typically at the beginning of the season teams are running push bots or claw bots. In skyrise they pushed cubes and in NBN they pushed balls under the bar.

Is there an easy way for beginners to score? Can they push stars through the wall?

According to some things I’ve seen people say, they can be pushed under on the left and right sides.

On page 11 & 13 of this pdf, it shows that the stars can be pushed under some parts of the fence

I would think one of the easiest ways to score this season would be to, as you’re going up, knock the stars that are on the wall off onto the other side into your scoring zones.

Also, depending upon how much the cube can be compress, pushing it under the fence MAY be possible, though I could be wrong.

I did the numbers and the fence spacing is about 8 inches and the minimum on the star is 8.5 inches.

Oh, I didn’t realize that it was measuring to the top of the bar.

Stars can definitely be pushed under the fence; they bend somewhat easilly. We did it at the fields after the game unveiling. As has been said, teams can also knock stars off of the fence—just like large balls in tossup, which this game is rather similar to. There is also always pushing stars and cubes from the 2 point to the one point zone, which likely will be enough to win a lot of autonomous bonuses.

Ya, I feel like tossup would be a more fitting name for this game :slight_smile:

You can push stars under walls, as they are made of foam. And you can run into the wall and knock stars over.

Of course, you can also just build a pushbot with an extending arm that knocks the stars over the field middle. As there is plenty of potential to score there. Not very difficult to make either. :stuck_out_tongue:

I was just playing with the field, pushing balls under the bar is ridiculously hard


I think ramming the fence to take the stars off is going to result in points for the other team. I could be wrong, however.

*stars, man, nothing but net has gone to my head

I think it is really interesting how every star and cube scores. It is always going to be in a scoring zone unless the stars remain on top of the fence.