Scoring for Quad Quandary

Hi Everybody,
what are you mostly going for in your quad quandary bot:
5 point post or
3 point post or
2 point single/paired goal or
1 point side goal or
push goals

how many points can your robot score in 2 minutes?
in autonomous?

See the same thing happened to you no body’s giving you ideas:) :wink:

for one, its only been a couple hours, for two im not looking for ideas im wondering how many points their robot is able to score in a match (estimation)

Sorry I didn’t mean to be snobish or rude:) :o

thats ok, you weren’t

Thank you What was your team name last year:confused:

we’re a rookie team, this year it is mini robotics

Our team is going to put robot ideas on this website http://www.superrobotguide.tkfor rookie teams if you need some help but theres nothing on it now just wait till the season starts a little more.:smiley: :cool: :cool:

Most estimates you will be given will be too high. This is because when practicing there are not three other robots on the field, or if there are - then the other three practice robots are unlikely as good as the real competition. Defensive strategies can seriously diminish the ability of the other alliance to score.

yah i know, im trying to develop a die hard defence

No one in there right mind would go mainly for the side goals.
one point per ring is way to slow to win.

I could see a BIG SCOOP on the front of the Bot, kind of like a Cow Catcher. You drive around, top speed, scoop up all of YOUR Rings and push them in to YOUR Square…

Call it the RING HERDING technique!!

i completely agree, because i was low on parts and im a rookie team so i just wanted to get used to the vex system and go for a satisfactory goal i went for the side goal. but now i have developed a mechanical arm to reach the 5 point goal, pics on my website
its not a big design or secret so thats why i posted the pics
please just dont copy my exact robot;)

our robot can score around 100 points in 1 match, 30 in autonomous!!!

no but really most teams take there time to design and build robots so it’ll be a couple of weeks before anyone knows that.


I might work except that you can only score half of the total rings so
ring hogging won’t work.**

My team isn’t participating in the actual challenge, but as practice for the first years (and even some of our older members) we are building bots for the challenge, and will have our own little mini tournament (seven or eight teams total) on Haloween.

My team is going for two points per ring on the goal stand surfaces. As for how sucesfull we will be, we don’t know. The biggest problem (and has been a problem for a long time) is getting the rings in and out of our scooper. I’m working on an intake roller system right now. They should work better than our previous solution, which barely worked at all.

Though it would help if my other two group members actually participated instead of checking their E-mail for the whole hour. . .

I seriously hope i don’t see any of these robots this year but I’m sure i will.
say you get all of your rings in the side goals, that can be balanced by 5 rings on the paired goal post by your oponent. Plus the fact that side goal rings are easily de-scored.

that would only be 25 points.And an opponent could push them
out really easily.

I agree, and the rules don’t appear to forbid De-Scoring rings in the Side Goals.

Hopefully we’ll be able to score 14 on the high posts. While this is an estimation I don’t think it’s real high. Our robot should be able to score that many in one go if we can pick them up in the 2 minutes.