Scoring for the other team


For ITZ is it legal to score for the other team? If so, in what ways? Can I score their mogo(s), or only stack onto their goals?
This is for SP scoring of course.

Someone probably already asked this question but forum search sucks. Thanks in advance.

Was this meant to go in the official Q&A?

It’s not explicitly ruled illegal in the rulebook, so it is legal.

thx fam

And no I didn’t mean for it to be official in case someone asked already.

Think it will not be worth helping them to score the mobile - you can’t touch it at more than 1 side, meaning most likely you can only push the mobile into your opponents ’ zone.

But do feel free to help your opponents to stack. Nothing against it.

but be careful when you stack on an opponents mogo, if you knocked down the opponent stack (even if you built it) it could be dq rule violation

Here at 34:51 they address this question.

Pretty much you have to be very careful,( and if you are touching the cone that you put on the stack then you are considered touching there stack which is a DQ ). The best way to get SP in my opinion is by pushing there mogo into the 5pt zone with a flat surface.

*Edit: bolded part is not correct

Why is touching an opposing stack a DQ? Can you cite a rule? I can’t find a rule against it, glancing through the SGs, and I don’t recall anything of the sort. It’s possible I just overlooked it, though.

Hm maybe im wrong, i saw someone say it and didn’t bother to fact check. I will look now.

I didn’t think it was an issue, either, but frankly I didn’t want to scour the rules and Q&A’s or look stupid by posting without doing so. Based on my recollection of the rules, it shouldn’t be a problem unless you accidentally descore.

It’s kind of funny, if you scored a cone for the opponents, then accidentally knocked it off immediately, that’s illegal.