Scoring for your opponent

Because scored balls are not considered possessed, wouldn’t scoring for your opponent be beneficial at times? For example, if you score the bottom 2 balls in each goal of a row for your opponent, but then you score the 3 top balls, controlling the row, and then block the row off, your opponent would only have 10 balls to work with, while still not controlling any rows of their own, and you would have 13, and control over a row.

You would be giving them 6 points which would cancel out the connected row bonus.

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You would still have 9 points though, from your 3 scored balls and the row bonus, and you have an overall advantage too with more balls in play.

scoring for your opponent might not be a bad idea. if you make a row with 2 of theirs on the bottom and one of yours on the top, you’ll still have more points, and they might be unwilling to descore because they’ll have to descore 2 of their balls first. of course, if they have an observant driver it wouldn’t work.