Scoring From Loader During Autonomous

Hey everybody,

I’ve been looking around for a while now, and I haven’t been able to find an answer to my question. For my auton, is it possible for my robot to grab a mobile goal and score from the loader? If so, at the end of the auton, will the cones scored on the mobile goal count even if the mobile goal is attached to the robot?


By SG3:

So, you can put cones from the loader on the mogo even during autonomous. By the definition of stacked:

So, the cones will still count for 2 points each. However, by the definition of scored:

By Note 2 of the definition, the mogo would not count for any zone points while still touching the robot.

Hope this helps.

@Bobtheblob - 5327B Yes, that’s great! Just clarifying, if I grabbed the mobile goal during auton and placed ten cones on it while still carrying it, I would have 20 pts for the auton period?


I think this could become a dominant auton strategy. Score all 12 cones if you can and then shove the goal into the zone. It would be extremely challenging, but it would be the ideal auton if someone could pull it off.

That was my auton strat since day one! Posting it here so all can remember :stuck_out_tongue: jkjk but yeah, it could potentially win the auton, then would make a top-scoring 20-point goal.

An important thing to consider is that those 12 cones are “guaranteed”, in the sense that only your alliance can take them. However, the cones in the middle of the field are not guaranteed, and can easily be contested. Like in NbN, where teams ended up doing driver loads at the end of the match by Worlds, I think jumping to do the loads immediately might not be the best idea.

That’s a good point you bring up. It might come down to knowing whether you have the capability to score more than they can and take more off the field than the opponents can in driver control. If you know you can, then using this strategy would be highly beneficial. Otherwise, if the foe could score more cones faster than you, it might cause more harm than benefit.

One thing to keep in mind though is that the autonomous bonus a huge factor. If using the driver loads during autonomous enables you to win auton that’s 5 cones you are essentially above your opponent.

Good point. Of course, I was assuming a perfect world where any auton you can imagine can be implemented successfully. However, in a lot of “forced win” scenarios, I have simply assumed the opponent always had a better auton and won the bonus. Depending on the time left before competition to develop the auton, driver load cones might be your best bet.