Scoring in the autonomous portion of a match

Hey guys, if I pushed a star from the far zone (on my side of the fence) to the near zone (also on my side of the fence) during autonomous (so its score would change from 2 points to 1 point) would that earn me autonomous points (i.e., would it allow me to earn the 4 autonomous bonus points?)

Sorry if it’s confusing for anyone, I’m happy to clarify anything :slight_smile:

Providing your alliance has scored more points, yes you can win the autonomous bonus

So you don’t necessarily have to move a star across the fence for it to count as autonomous points?


You need to have more point at the end of autononous to win the bonus. That can be accomplished- in part- by descoring objects. So, for example, if you move the cube into the near zone fron the far zone, that reduces your opponent’s score by 2 points.

Thanks guys!

That is correct. If the only thing that happens in autonomous is one robot moves forward with the re-load into the near zone, that alliance would win the autonomous 16-15 and earn the 4 bonus points.