Scoring Legal?

Would this be legal? I’m thinking so since the bottom two faces are flat on the tile, and all other cubes are stacked.

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Heres what the official rulebook has to say:

Stacked Cube - A Cube status. A Cube is considered a Stacked Cube if it meets the following
criteria at the end of the Match:

  1. Contacting the Top Surface of a Base Cube or Stacked Cube.
  2. Not contacting the top of the field perimeter wall.
  3. Not contacting the Top Surface of any Cubes which are not Scored.

I don’t see anything that would make that illegal

This would be really hard to pull off in a match though

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if its not supported by the field perimeter I don’t see why it wouldn’t be legal just difficult to pull off since your robot would have to be specifically designed to do this

Someone needs to put this in the Q/A because if this becomes legal DR4B’s are going to be better

This is legal. No Q&A needed, all the cubes meet the definition of being stacked, therefore they are all stacked. Its impractically hard for robots to do this though.


There is no becoming legal. This has been legal it is just not a viable stacking strategy. Unless you somehow make a robot to specifically do this getting the spacing for the bottom cubes right and placing the upper stacks at the perfect spot where they don’t tip is basically impossible for a normal DR4B robot.