Scoring method poll

Which scoring method do you think will be the most successful?
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I think that the ground catapults will dominate the early season, but as time goes on, people will discover ways to store the stars compactly and allow dumper bots to rival, if not beat, ground catapults. I don’t know about catapults on lifts, other than it does allow you to get higher and have a decent way to hang.

I put it in because about half of the people I’ve talked to in person are planning on doing that.
I’m surprised that ground catapult is winning by so much because in my school it seems to be about an even split.

There are so many ways to score… I found many ways when we got the objects, fence, and lift…
You don’t actually need a shooter of scooper to even score… You could score even with a pushbot (Yeah, scoring is that easy!).
Ways to score:
Pushbot Method (AKA No Shooter or dumper): You can make a ton of points just by pushing the stars under the fence (Yes, the stars don’t have too much friction with the mats at all)

Catapult Scoop Method: A far range catapult that could be fast and easy (But I realized building one with a spatula is a bit complicated…)

Dump Method: Uses spatula, but dumps a lot of stars to the enemy side (You could actually make far range just by dropping them correctly at the correct height [From the highest point of the fence])

I think we all should try the dump method, since it can reach the far goal just by dumping from the height of the fence… Yea, I tested…

Dumping isn’t quite invincible though…

My concern with a dumping robot is that you’re essentially limited to dropping off however many game objects into a single spot. If your opponent is smart and has a medium-high capacity robot, they can just drive under you as you dump and grab all those stars without worrying about intaking and driving.

I like the idea of a ground catapult, mostly because it’s extremely versatile and is impossible to block against. No wall bots can block a catapult, and no robot is fast enough to go from one side of the field to the other in < 1 second as you shoot a random scatter of stars from long range.

Dumping might be a good early season strategy, but unless you get it super high capacity (I’m talking 8-10 stars here), I just can’t see it as a viable alternative to a small and fast catapult (I’ve decided small > large :P).

Yeah I think there is going to be 2 main types of robots. Agile single shooter that are nearly unblock-able, and dumper bots with high capacities that can just overwhelm at the end. Having to lift you launcher just costs you even more time and motors than shooting from the ground. However, I do stand by what I said early and think as the season goes on, ways will be found to store large amounts of stars and just dump at the end of the match.

Remember that any high capacity robot has to be able to collect stars as well as store them so I think that a dumping robot won’t do much until the last 10 seconds of the match… Since there is ~30 scoring items, a dumping robot and a launching robot against 2 launchers will make maybe 25 of the scoring items on the dumper and launcher robot’s side so the dumping robot would have to dump 11 scoring objects onto the enemies side… My numbers might be off but I doubt a dumping robot would be able to dump more than 5 scoring items… If a dumping robot can hold 8 scoring objects and gets paired up with another similar robot then that’s pretty unstoppable though

There are several different ways to do this, I still don’t know what is best, I assume that ground shooting will be the best.

I believe this because, lifts can take a lot of motors and can way quite a bit.

Having a launcher on the ground rather than on a lift, you can use more motors on your launcher now that you don’t have a lift, plus you will be using a lot less metal causing less wight.

I see why people would have a lift.

You make a launcher and a lift and use the lift to LIFT yourself onto the bar.

sooo. why not have a lift

my team is building a lift with a transmission to get over the fast and slow.

and lol hi Murfy

You are going to need something that lifts. Cause the fence is taller than the 18x18x18 size requirement


Or… just push the stars under

I just had an idea for a variation of the Pushbot.

This guy here mentioned that the stars don’t have a lot of friction with the surface:

So what if you made a horizontal puncher (not using pneumatics, just rubber power) that could punch the stars under the fence all the way to the Far Zone? Quick reset time (if engineered correctly) could allow an alliance to blitz the other alliance in the late stages of the match. This could be called a Punchbot.

For one thing , a linear puncher is not a good idea for this game. Also, if you are using a linear puncher, why not just shoot them over the wall? Shooting them under the wall would be very difficult IMO.

Yeah, I think with shooting stars under, you have a much smaller window to shoot through, which makes it more difficult. Plus the two small openings can be easily blocked, so that can be a problem too. In my opinion, pushing stars should only be done when you are already at max capacity and are just waiting to shoot.