Scoring on Skyrises

When scoring on skyrises, does the whole skyrise have to be built or can it be partially built?

The manual doesn’t say anything about the skyrise having to be built, but on Virtual Worlds, the whole skyrise has to be built before you cubes are worth 4 points. Otherwise, they are only worth 2 points.

Is this just a mistake on Virtual Worlds or is it a real rule?

Virtual Worlds has a bug. Not sure why this is… But yeah, you can score cubes on the Skyrise even if the Skyrise is not fully built.

A skyrise is defined as a yellow skyrise section placed “fully” into your skyrise base. It cannot be partially placed,(leaning to one side) it has to be “fully seated into the base”
So to answer your question, a "single"yellow skyrise section fully seated into your skyrise base is worth 4 pts. and a single cube place thru the center of a single skyrise section is worth 4pts. I hope this helps.

Yes you can, but if it is completely built you get alot of points. At the end of the match they count the sections, each section built is 4 pts but i am not sure about cube score ammount but yes you can score cubes woth a partially built skyrise

Cubes placed on the skyrise are also worth 4 points each.