Scoring on tipped-over towers

Do rings scored on tipped-over towers count?

Might want to read this thread. Next time use the search bar and read the rules:

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Thanks. I had searched already but found just really old threads.

After searching the forum, you can sort by “most recent”.

But your current post is a rules questions, search the game manual using ctrl-f on a pdf, or get the VRC hub and use the search bar.


First of all, what does that change if you are asking the same question.

Secondly, you can find everything in the game manual

Lastly, they are not old…

I mean that my searches returned OLD data, from 5+ years ago.

Get better at searching. Try different terms that ppl might use. The towers are called mobile goals that is a better term to use because that’s what they are. Now there is an acronym for the mobile goals called mogos and if you search this up guess what? My question about the same topic is the first to pop up when searching this up and selecting tipping point as the section to search under.


When attempting to help someone don’t attack them.

I believe it is time to close the thread.
Sorry for going of topic.


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