Scoring question LRT

In the drivers meeting today, the question was asked about live remote tournament scoring risers in the same goal. That’s where Grant came out and said that a riser scored in the same goal on both Fields would be combined ( when he put the two pieces of paper together). I read over the rule book and game QA page for the following scenario and there is nothing there that specifically details out this scenario: team 1 puts two purple risers in goal A and team 2 puts one purple riser in goal A, is that counted as a completed stack?

Lrt4 just covers if there’s two stacks in each one not a couple in one and a couple and another. I know I can’t be the first one to be asking this, so hopefully this got answered somewhere that I missed.

Check LRT scoring question

I just found that as well, I thought that had been answered, but several people postrd that in the chat today as well and that made me second-guess myself. Thanks!

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