Scoring Question(NOT IN MANUAL

Hi All. I have a bit of a scoring question that is NOT in the manual.
There is someting in which people are calling the mobo rush, which multiple people have as their autonmous. It is where a bot tries to grab 2 nuetral mobile goals in auto. My question is what is the ruling when 2 bots try to do it at the same time, and one has a good enough grip on it that the other bot gets the 2 mobos, and the other alliances bot(The other side). Does that still count as a auto loss? Let me know if you need clarification, as this is not the most easy to understand. Thank you!

No, the game manual clarifies that robot interactions in the neutral zone will not result in a dq


Ok. So, that means that if We accidentally pull a robot into our neutral zone, or they pull us into their side of it, it will not affect scoring? Our bot just does not have much traction so we dont want to risk it.

So I’m assuming that you’re question is, if both the red alliance and the blue alliance go for the neutral goals, both latch on, but one of the bots gets pulled into the opposing alliance zone, than who wins auton. From my experience, since the bot that pulls back the mogo forced the other into their alliance zone, the robot that entered into the opposing alliance zone is not punished and is scored as normal. In the manual, G14 states, “Intentional strategies that cause an opponent to violate a rule are not permitted, and will not result in an infraction on the opposing Alliance.”. Since the interaction was unintentional, the alliance that pulled the opposing robot in their alliance zone would be given a warning and the auton period would be scored as normal as the field ends after auton.


Ok. Thank you. That is very helpful

Not sure why this is a question. Scoring is based on where the goal is, not which robot is in possession of it.

Ex: Opposing robots have shared possession of a neutral goal that is breaking the plane of the red zone at the end of auton. The blue robot has not touched the foam field tiles in the red zone triggering SG4. That neutral goal would be scored for red.


What I am saying is what happens if the blue robot does, but it is because the red robot pulls it in, not because of the code.

But CNguyen425 already gave a good answer

Hate to quote myself, but it get more complicated when SG4 comes into play. It would be a referee judgement as to if G14 would apply or SG5.


SG5 would apply here.


Yes. I just happened to think of G14 before. They both have similar rationales behind the rulings.

My question is not which side the goal would be scored for. it is would the blue alliance bot be an auto autonomous loss, or would it do what CNguyen425 says in where it would not result in auto loss.

The referee would first score the objects where they are. They would then consider SG4, SG5, and G14 to see if any apply. SG5 gives guidance as to whether SG4 or G14 would apply.

Assuming SG4 has been violated, I would think that most referees would use G14 via SG5 to say no penalty if no other rules have been violated.


Ok. I will ask when I am at tournaments. Thank you!

auton would go to the team that was pulled in i think, but it all depends on the refs decision.

Auton is scored as normal as if the interaction didn’t happen.


Please read the manual before discussing potential match rulings.


SG5, point c. is clear here:

If opposing Robots contact one another while both engaging with the Neutral Zone, and an incidental violation of SG4 occurs, no penalty will be assessed on either Alliance.

Auton would be scored as normal, no penalty, no warnings.


that was what i was told from my teacher, it seems as if that is wrong given by all the replies saying otherwise. i should probably read through the rules more thoroughly .

And (politely) tell your rites her to read it as well to prevent scenarios like this one from happening again : ).

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