Scoring Question - Squared Away - Green Cube & Platform

Would this scenario count for the green cube being scored in Squared Away? (New coach question…) In the photo, the green cube is making contact with the platform. Thanks for the help!


We need to look at the definition of “scored” in the game manual: ( on pages 7 and 8.

the criteria given by the manual for “scored” is as follows:

i. The Cube is contacting the Platform (including its supporting structures).
ii. The Cube is not contacting the Floor.
iii. The Cube is not contacting the Field Perimeter.
iv. The Cube matches the color of the Platform (i.e. is a green Cube).

If the green cube meets all four criteria (in the picture, it appears to meet all four criteria), and it is not contacting a robot, then the cube meets the definition of “scored”. We must be careful not to add additional criteria (like “not touching a red cube”), nor leave off any of the criteria in the definition given in the game manual.


Your patience in answering these questions over and over inspires me. I hope you are just cutting and pasting by now and not r etyping every time. Than k you for your support of the community :+1:


I hope by giving out enough game manual links, everyone might eventually read it, and/or see that it really does answer almost all questions! :slightly_smiling_face:


Is there a way to push it out to every one on the FB page when the new versions come out? Might save some questions

The hyperlink to the manual remains the same when the update comes out, everyone just needs to look at it. Someone will make an “announcement” in the coaches forum, with some commentary on what is changed/updated.

This is true with an important caveat – there is a link that always “stays the same” (starts with in the sense that it always redirects to the latest PDF version of the manual (which is the URL you linked above). If you bookmark the URL it redirects to, then you will not automatically get the new version of the manual when it’s updated.

The URL to bookmark for the VIQC Squared Away manual is: This will always redirect to the latest version.

(and for the VRC folks reading this thread, your URL is

See also this recent thread regarding the same scored configuration of a green cube.

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