Scoring question

Are we allowed to toss scoring objects that an opponent has used to score, back over the fence in an attempt to score?

Yep. That’s what is going to make this game interesting… Descoring, now is the same as scoring.

yes, thats what is gonna make this game so interesting. all the flying stars

Right after the game was released, we nicknamed the game “VEX Protect your cortex”.
I hope this game doesn’t end up with broken parts.

Crazy game. It’s like chess. If you need to increase the SP’s just move the 1pt stars back to the 2 pt area. I think this is going to be fun. The climb will be exciting. I hope more teams attempt it. I was disappointed in the lack of lifters or sitters(only saw 1 robot lift itself and sit on top of a bot(was in engineering div at Worlds)) in NBN. Even Toss up only had 4 or 5 in our division at Worlds in 2014. We had a double lift that year with an alliance partner. Can not double lift this year. They should have put up a post in every corner and allowed both alliance to lift. It’s not too late. They could just announce that that is now allowed.

Lol we did the same thing until we saw that they were foam