Scoring Question

Ok, this may be simple for someone, but I can’t seem to find it anyway. I am new to the vex forums, so forgive me if it is stated here already.

How does the scoring work? 2 points for the far area and 1 point for near area… but when is it counted? Is it counted at the time it lands or is it at the end of the match.

This is important for strategy because we could just “push” it if it is only counted at the end of the map.

Maybe that seems stupid, but someone told me that they are, and I just want to confirm with people to make sure I am getting this right.

Scores are counted at the end of the match and the autonomous bonus is then added after that. Yes, you can push objects from the far zone to the near zone so they get less points.

Awesome thanks so much!

More specifically the score is counted after everything comes to rest after the match/autonomous.